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  • WAAO - Centre d'architecture et d'urbanisme Euralille
    Jan 23–Mar 24, 2018
    Opening: Jan 23, 6:30 pm
    Dans ce pays lointain mais si proche, les voitures, les téléphones, les maisons, les abeilles, les champs et bien d’autres choses sont « smart ». Les territoires, les animaux et les humains sont connectés. Les dernières innovations numériques, en termes d’applications, d’impression 3D, de circuits courts, de pilotage de drones, d’écoquartiers et de déplacements autonomisés font de smartland, la...
  • Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen
    Jan 23–Feb 20, 2018
    Opening: Jan 22, 6:30 pm
    Das Sächsische Staatsministerium des Innern, die Ingenieurkammer Sachsen und die Architektenkammer Sachsen lobten den Sächsischen Staatspreis für Baukultur 2017 aus. Der Staatspreis wird für Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der Baukultur in Sachsen verliehen. In diesem Jahr lautete das Wettbewerbsthema „BAU – KULTUR – BILDUNG“. Dabei waren sanierte und/oder umgenutzte Bestandsbauten mit...
  • Oris House of Architecture Zagreb
    Jan 23–Feb 6, 2018
    Opening: Jan 23, 6:00 pm
    In fact, nothing changes all the time, but so, as we change during the years, the program is corrected. The question is—is it this house that we will make? After a while, my wife may think and point the finger at a point in the draft. Finally, she said, ‘Why should we build? Why do we not put two containers? We do not need a building permit for that! Bogdan Budimirov, in an interview with...
  • One in four people across the world are homeless, or live in slums or other substandard housing. The housing crisis, not only in the UK, but in Europe and around the world, is threatening to destroy the mix and viability of our cities. Decent housing should be seen as a human right, like food and healthcare, and as an essential element of the compact city. By 2050 two thirds of the global...
  • Housing and in particular affordable housing is the defining issue of our time. Successive governments have failed to tackle this issue and cash-strapped local authorities appear to lack either the political will or the financial capacity to address this crucial issue. The Coalition Government’s planning policies of deregulation and devolved powers did not kick start housing delivery as expected...


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