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  • Today, after a long period of questioning science’s capacity to provide answers to architecture’s social mandate, architects and designers are once again enchanted with the concept of the laboratory. This exhibition investigates the lab as a recurring and productive allegory for experimentation, and imagines new modes of transdisciplinary research threading together these two fields. A series of...
  • Bauhaus Dessau
    Mar 22–Oct 31, 2018
    Even with his first building, Carl Fieger (1893–1960) made architectural history. Though the single-family house of 1924 remained an experimental building, the circular building called a Wohnmaschine (machine for living in) had an immense effect on the professional community and future architects. It was an important contribution to the search for new standards in housing construction. Carl...
  • Architektur Galerie Berlin SATELLIT
    Mar 23–Apr 21, 2018
    Opening: Mar 22, 7:00 pm
    Hans-Christian Schink on the  project “Kochi Nights”: The residency in Kochi from 2.- 30.08.2016 caused an unexpected turn in my photographic approach and in my work itself as well. My plan before getting there was to follow one of the main threads of my work: the urban landscape and the built environment in general. For most of my previous series’ I worked with a large format camera,...
  • Haus der Architektur Graz
    Mar 23–Apr 22, 2018
    Opening: Mar 22, 7:00 pm
    Die Ausstellung „Don’t Stop Thinking!“ bietet Einblicke in das komplexe Werk des Architekten Joost Meuwissen und ist Aufforderung und Inspiration, die alltäglichen Dinge unserer Städte aus einer anderen Perspektive zu betrachten. Joost Meuwissen hat stets um die Ecke gedacht, hat unablässig dem scheinbar Banalen eine unerwartete Wichtigkeit gegeben, hat Projekte und Planungen aus...
  • Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ Berlin
    Mar 24–May 18, 2018
    Opening: Mar 23, 7:00 pm
    Architecture of Storage focuses on the storage, archive systems that increasingly occupy a central role in our contemporary world, yet remain at the periphery of our daily perception. Free ports, data centers, self-storage facilities and museum archives are part of an constantly growing functional architectural landscape that is inseparable from the shelved and the reason for shelving: from...


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