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Aedes Architekturforum Berlin

Platform for Architecture + Research / PAR, Los Angeles

Sep 9–Oct 19, 2017
Wilshire Tower aerial view + View to Hollywood Hills © Bloomimages

The exhibition presents the work of American architects Platform for Architecture + Research / PAR, founded by Jennifer Marmon in Los Angeles in 2003. Questioning the role and limits of architecture today, Marmon, together with her collective team, are part of a new generation of architects exploring universal topics as a means to expand their discipline in new ways. With its idea of a network of ‘relations’, the exhibition reflects the essential architectural elements that influence the office’s award winning work that aims to establish a dialogue with people as well as the urban fabric. The exhibition presents buildings, competition entries and urban studies that range in scale from small houses to museum concepts e.g. the Wilshire Tower in Los Angeles/US, the Taichung Cultural Center in Taichung/Taiwan, the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki/Finland and the Lima Art Museum in Lima/Peru.