Architecture Exhibitions International

Box Freiraum Berlin

Conflicts of an Urban Age

Jun 21–Jul 29, 2017
Shanghai / Mexico City © Box Freiraum Berlin

"Building cities for a billion people over the next decade is an opportunity to plan to get things right by accommodating future growth, or to get them wrong by imposing inflexible solutions."
Prof. Ricky Burdett, curator and director of the LSE cities and the Urban Age program

The exhibition „Conflicts of an Urban Age“ provides the visitor with insights on the major consequences of rapid urban growth as experienced between 1990 and 2015. “Report from the cities: Conflicts of an Urban Age” will also offer a context for understanding the benefits of well-considered urban planning and design on achieving more equitable and balanced cities and shows how cities respond to the current challenges.

The exhibition that will be shown in Berlin is based on the correspondent special exhibition at the Biennale die Architettura 2016 in Venice. In Berlin, there will be additional exhibits that analyze and visualize specific developments of the German capital region.


During the exhibition, Urban Talks will be held each Wednesday starting at 7 p.m. Here, we will focus on Berlin and on participative and sustainable approaches.

28 June 2017 — Niklas Maak
„City of Change. Berlin between City Palace and Home for Refugees“ (in German language).

05 July 2017 — PD. Dr. med. Mazda Adli
„Stress and the City. Why Cities make us sick. And why they are still good for us“ (in German language).

12 July 2017 — Ute Weiland und Marcos Rosa
„Shaping Cities together: São Paulo, Capetown and Berlin“ (in German language).

19 July 2017 — Prof. Philipp Misselwitz, Florian Schmidt, Alejandro Restrepo Montoya, Anh Linh Ngo, Maximilian Becker, Albert Kreisel und Tobias Schrammek  Medellin/Berlin: Co-producing urban eco-systems | Urban Lab Medellin/Berlin-Team.

26 July 2017 — Prof. Philipp Misselwitz und Prof. Günter Meinert
„Transformation to Sustainability – Challenge for an urbanized and networked Society“ (in German language).