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Fernando Guerra
A Photography Practice Under X-Ray

Jul 11–Oct 15, 2017
Praça do Império, 1449003 Lisbon  »Google Maps
Mon–Fri 8 am–8 pm Sat–Sun 10 am–6 pm
© Fernando Guerra. Álvaro Siza, Equip. Desportivo, Ribero-Serralo

With the new millennium, architectural photography has gained exponential prominence in the relationship that architects have with society. The FG+SG studio has taken on the challenges presented by the greater media impact of architecture, which today constitutes a photographic practice rewarded with international prizes and recognition. Fernando Guerra’s progressive affirmation as a photographer has accompanied contemporary architectural production and his photo reportages, disseminated worldwide through the virtual platform Últimas Reportagens, offer us a privileged look at today’s architecture. At the same time, his photographic practice responds to the technical evolution that has taken place in photography in recent decades, essentially marked by the full affirmation of the new digital media. This exhibition presents Fernando Guerra’s own distinctive work together with a cartography of the activity of the FG+SG studio, drawing upon its archive of images and highlighting its production processes. By showing his photographic work and the studio’s ways of doing things, Fernando Guerra’s practice is thus exhibited to us as if it had been submitted to an X-ray.

Workshop of photography with Fernando Guerra
22.23 september
10:00 a.m to 17:00 p.m
Garagem Sul

Curator: Luís Santiago Baptista