Architecture Exhibitions International

Dansk Arkitektur Center Copenhagen

City Struck

Oct 13, 2017–Feb 28, 2018
Paper Island with Copenhagen Street Food and the Royal Danish Opera House in the background / København, 2016 © Christian Lindgren

Clean lines, a cloudless sky and entirely devoid of people. Architectural photography is often so focused on the building itself that the people who will be using it aren’t even in the photo. The photography exhibition City Struck – Photos of living places calls attention to the interactions between people and the built surroundings; First we create the city, then it creates us.
This exhibition features photographs from all over the world and presents both loving and critical views of the cities and urban spaces surrounding us. Sometimes the buildings and spaces are used differently than originally intended, sometimes time alters both the architecture and the surroundings, and sometimes poetic and enriching meetings develop between people and spaces. The photographs are taken by recognised professional photographers as well as by the city’s many Instagram users. They have been selected because, unlike traditional architectural photography, they are not devoid of people. Instead, they focus on the interactions between the built environment and city life.