Architecture Exhibitions International

Pavillon de l'Arsenal Paris

Reinventing the Seine

Jul 21–Sep 3, 2017
©pavillon de l'arsenal

The exhibition presents the whole operation, the winning projects and all the proposals made by the teams on the sites in the Ile-de-France region of this first edition of "Reinventing the Seine".

Water stretches, existing buildings, bare lands, engineering works...The call for projects "Reinventing the Seine" consists in submitting sites along the Axe Seine to occupy, animate, rent or purchase to implement innovative projects.

This multi-site approach is aimed at revealing and giving life to the Axe Seine : the local authorities and ports of the territory are laying down a challenge for innovators worldwide… to invent new ways of living, working and travelling on and along the water, making use of the various sites. The river and innovation will thus play their part in inventing the great metropolis of the 21st century, stretching from Paris to Rouen and Le Havre.