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AA Residence
AA honors, prizes & exemplary projects 2018-2019

Sep 16, 2019–Jun 8, 2020
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This exhibition presents the work of the four students who were awarded the AA Diploma with Honours in the 2018-19 academic year alongside prizewinners as well as exemplary projects completed at the end of Third Year as well as from the postgraduate programmes.

This exhibition is on permanent display throughout the 2019-2020 academic year in the AA Residence -
a cultural platform exploring and studying new ideas and forms of practice at the intersection of architecture, art, technology, policy, and design. Composed of a series of independent Labs researching and producing experimental work, each Lab includes an interdisciplinary cohort of resident fellows. The AA Residence also works as an incubator with a shared workspace and professional development programme, giving architects and entrepreneurs the tools they need to build new practices and launch projects that impact, promote, and amplify culture and contribute to the reimagination of the future.

The recipients of the AA Diploma with Honours are:
Lola Elise Conte, Diploma 3 - Field Notes from the Space of Law
Eva Ibañez Fuertes, Diploma 4 - Design or Default
Caroline Anne Johanna Esclapez, Diploma 14 - Occupy: A User's Manual for the Occupation of Public Space
Samuel John Little, Diploma 18 - Universal Frames Headquarters

The nominated exemplary projects at the end of Third Year are:
Intermediate Unit 1: Aizhen Chen
Intermediate Unit 2: Aleksander Aksentijevic
Intermediate Unit 3: Ludvig Julius Holmen
Intermediate Unit 4: Jia Long Feng
Intermediate Unit 5: Thomas Andrew Faulkner
Intermediate Unit 6: Georgia Kestekoglou
Intermediate Unit 7: Martin Wecke
Intermediate Unit 8: Mira Oktay
Intermediate Unit 9: Ylam Monique Raky Deme
Intermediate Unit 10: Alexander Zikanov
Intermediate Unit 11: Elisa Commanay
Intermediate Unit 12:Anne-lise Fifame Ahoukan Agossa
Intermediate Unit 13: Da Gyung Lee
Intermediate Unit 14: Lilian Pala
Intermediate Unit 15: Tamara Husam Rasoul