Architecture Exhibitions International

Aedes Architekturforum Berlin

Architecture for Pigs

Jan 18–Mar 5, 2020
© Katharina Münch

An increasing group in contemporary society is rejecting agricultural production, as it exists today. Particularly prevalent, is the heated debate about conditions under which livestock is kept and slaughtered. Economic and ecological issues, animal and environmental protection, ethics and a (more) conscious meat consumption play an important role. The conflicts between these aspects must be negotiated in the public discourse, raising the question of which role architecture can play to improve this condition.

The exhibition Architecture for Pigs presents solutions for a modern agricultural pork production that meet the new demands of today’s critical consumer. In 2016, the organisers of an architectural student competition (KTBL and Stiftung LV Münster) began their research for new perspectives on agricultural architecture, livestock and societal engagement with agriculture. With this exhibition, Aedes Architecture Forum kicks off its 40th anniversary program. It is a continuation of the exhibition series on the role of architecture in the development of rural regions.