Architecture Exhibitions International

American Institute of Architects San Francisco

Future City
Metropolis re-imagined

Aug 23–Oct 12, 2018
© Cynthia X. Hua

What are the questions we are not asking about the future? Social change must begin from the place of observation. There are daunting civic, environmental, and political challenges in front of us.  The goal of this exhibition is to analyze the status quo, drawing attention to the invisible. Scrutinizing the current urban fabric of SF and reflecting allows us to forge ahead with new ways of thinking. Featuring the work of urban planners, architects, designers, poets and artists. The result is a poetic embodiment of multiple truths, perspectives, and realities of how we can think toward the future. This year’s curators, Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James, selected artists from all disciplines whose work explores questions that are not always asked.

Curators: Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James
​Featured artists: Suzan Borazjani, Kevin Corcoran, Eilish Cullen, Courtney Ferris, Uri Han, Cynthia Hua, David Irwin, Michael Mersereau, Denise Newman, Yuri Pop, Merav Tzur, Andy Vogt.