Architecture Exhibitions International

ARCAM – Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam

Sound as City Maker
An exhibition about a forgotten component of urban planning

Apr 25–Jun 24, 2018
Sound as City Maker © ARCAM

Soundtrackcity and the Centre for Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam, together with a group of engaged citizens of Amsterdam, have researched the different ways in which sound can make a positive contribution to the urban experience. The acoustic value of the public space hardly plays a role in urban development. The design of the public space does not take into account how a square or street will ultimately sound. A missed opportunity: a place that sounds good is a place where people like to be. The challenge is to no longer regard noise as a waste product, as noise or as a burden, but as a raw material. A new urban design takes noise into account as a design tool in the design of the city.

About Soundtrackcity:

Soundtrackcity investigates sound as a fundamental component of our living environment. Interdisciplinary teams of sound artists, citizens and architects listen to the city; together they formulate new concepts and methods for the urban planning of the future. Soundtrackcity is working with public and private parties on new policy for sounding cities. A good sound environment is an indispensable building block for the city of the future where people like to live, stay and recreate.