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Experience in Action!
Designbuild in Architecture

Mar 19–Sep 13, 2020
Krankenhaus in Ngaubela, Designbuild-Projekt der TU München in Kamerun 2014 © Matthias Kestel

TUM’s Architecture Museum is opening its largest and most comprehensive exhibition on “DesignBuild” to date – a teaching method offered at numerous architecture schools around the world, where students can plan, design, and implement projects on a full-scale basis. They build homes, theaters, schools, kindergartens, and hospitals, mostly in developing countries, but occasionally also in underserved areas on their own doorstep. The teaching method is not without criticism, but it offers students the opportunity to lend a hand and deal with unknown people, other cultures, and different materials.
DesignBuild has a long tradition, but in recent years has become an increasingly popular concept at many universities. The purpose of the exhibition is therefore to inform the general public about the social impact and longterm significance of this teaching method.