Architecture Exhibitions International

Austin School of Architecture

Architectural Bizzaria
Revealing Hybridity Through Collage

Aug 21, 2017–Aug 17, 2018
Centro, Buenos Aires © Photo: Laura Bathke

Laura Bathke (M Arch II 2017) was awarded the UTSOA's Mike and Maxine K. Mebane Endowed Traveling Scholarship in Architecture in fall 2016 to support her interest in studying architecture in Buenos Aires in order to "...address the question of critical regionalism in the globalized practice of contemporary architecture." With respect to her research project, Laura notes that her "...specific area of interest is in pursuit of a localized architecture that is unique to a place and its culture. After a short time of studying a place that is not my own, can I, as an architect, come to a deep enough understanding of a context to be able to design for it?" Through her investigations, Laura found that "the city of Buenos Aires proved to be the perfect place to examine this question due to the wide variety of styles within the city that come together to create a unique sense of place."

The photographs featured in this exhibition represent a portion of her image donation received by the school's Visual Resources Collection.