Architecture Exhibitions International

Az W – Architekturzentrum Vienna

Form follows Rule

Nov 23, 2017–Apr 3, 2018
Wäre dieser fantastische Spielplatz heute noch möglich?, WIG 74, Kurpark Oberlaa Bild: MA 42 - Wiener Stadtgärten

With the exhibition 'Form Follows Paragraph', the Az W is focusing on the issue of the impact of building regulations and standards on architecture. The view behind the scenes has an architecture historical dimension: Would the baroque diversity of Vienna, the elegance of Otto Wagner's Stadtbahn stations, or the staircase solutions of Adolf Loos have been possible under the current regulations? On the other hand, current demographic developments are posing new challenges for architecture, including with regards to the affordability of living space. What changes in the regulations would help architects, the building sector, the state subsidy system and, above all, prospective occupants to achieve the 'maximum minimum' for everybody? What rules does society need because they protect public interest, facilitate communal life, or to safeguard our lives? Which regulations are excessive, contradictory or to protect only specific interests? The exhibition aims to use clear examples to spark off a broad public discussion on the subject.

Curators: Martina Frühwirth, Karoline Mayer, Katharina Ritter