Architecture Exhibitions International

Basilica Palladiana Vicenza

David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018

May 12–Sep 2, 2018
Installation rendering © David Chipperfield Architects

David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018 will display a selection of 16 current and recent projects at various stages of their development, illustrating the range of activities that take place in an architecture studio today. The material exhibited at Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza will vary from rough sketches and models relating to the beginning of the design process, to detail design and construction drawings at the end of the design process, and will include photographs and films of recently completed projects.

“This exhibition represents our attempt to show how we work, how we develop ideas, how we work in parallel in different projects, cultures, and with different resources, priorities and collaborators, balancing local and global perspectives. As a practice, we have strived to maintain a studio mentality despite the scale of the overall studio, and despite the diversity and range of our projects.” –David Chipperfield

In an age dominated by images, the identity of David Chipperfield Architects can be difficult to define as it is rooted in a particular attitude to design and teamwork, rather than a fixed style. Revealing the processes of designing and creating architecture is therefore crucial to understanding the values that unify an international body of work.

The City of Vicenza, in collaboration with the cultural association Abacoarchitettura, has invited David Chipperfield Architects to create an exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza. The exhibition marks the return of contemporary architecture exhibitions to the grand hall which was closed for extensive restoration 12 years ago, and emphasizes the important role that architectural culture plays in the history and identity of the city.