Architecture Exhibitions International

Bert Frank Showroom London

Blueprint for the Future:
AA Project Narratives 2019

Jul 9–Jul 11, 2019
© Architectural Association School of Architecture

Blueprint for the Future is a free, three-day showcase of the work of the brightest, most interesting and challenging architecture students graduating Part II across London and the UK, as selected by Blueprint Magazine. Blueprint has paired 13 leading architecture schools with 13 international design brands, resulting in a ‘trail’ of exhibitions held over three days (9, 10, 11 July), in showrooms across Clerkenwell.

The AA exhibits the work of 15 Fifth Year students that were nominated for Honours, the school's highest award.
Each Summer Term exceptional Diploma School students are chosen to present for Honours, which are given to the students who achieve an exceptionally high standard in the academic year. With work from each Honours nominee displayed in the new Bert Frank showroom in Clerkenwell, a selection of students will be present in the space each day of the exhibition to perform their projects and answer questions about their importance and relevance to contemporary architecture.

The following students were nominated for honours and have their projects exhibited:
Diploma Unit 1: Yu-Hsiang Wang
Diploma Unit 2: Elizabeth Low
Diploma Unit 3: Lola Conte
Diploma Unit 4: Eva Ibanez Fuertes
Diploma Unit 5: Adi Krainer
Diploma Unit 6: Elias Tamer
Diploma Unit 7: Mikolaj Karczewski
Diploma Unit 8: Luca Gamberini
Diploma Unit 9: Ryan Cook
Diploma Unit 10: Nabil Randeree
Diploma Unit 12: Ioana Man
Diploma Unit 13: Kai Hang Yau
Diploma Unit 14: Caroline Esclapez
Diploma Unit 16: Ka Yu Chan
Diploma Unit 18: Samuel Little

This exhibition runs simultaneously to our end of year show Projects Review 2019 so that these outstanding projects can serve as portals into the ideas, projects and agendas displayed at the AA in Bedford Square, which we also invite you to visit either in person or online.