Architecture Exhibitions International

Civa Bruxelles

Bibliothèque à bords perdus

Sep 24, 2020–Apr 25, 2021
© Atelier Kanal by noAarchitecten Sergison Bates architects EM2N

Is a library a place for reading or rather a place for socializing, studying, working, training... full of books? And how can it be activated to reach a new public? In these times of uncertainty in the face of our world’s evolution in the Anthropocene era, with the continuous extension of the fields of knowledge and their complex intricacies, the many alternative proposals and the few momentary certainties, a library can no longer be a "temple of knowledge" that gives answers. Above all, it is a space for exchange, proposing documents, a place to live and activities that all contribute to enriching our reflection on our ways of living in the world, of understanding what surrounds us, such as the city of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In order to offer a real plurality of choices, the library will be participatory by adopting various methods of mediation: book selections (10 books by) by architects, scientists, philosophers, urban planners, artists, among others; with for some of them a public presentation of their choice (La bibliothèque à bords perdus: Chapter X), open call to the public to feed a section of books to be exchanged, donated or suggested, etc. Consequently, thanks to a system of adding, exchanging and reclassifying its contents, the library will be transformed a little bit every day, giving the public a different experience with each visit.

The incongruity of this temporary presence constitutes a rich field of exploration for the world of ideas, as well as the promise of future survival within the setting designed by the architects of Atelier Kanal