Feb 7–May 10, 2020

Kids’ City

Bryghuspladsen 10, 01473 Kopenhagen Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Thu 10 am–9 pm

Bring your entire family to the exhibition Kids’ City and discover a sensory universe with houses upside down, giant chairs and a bicycle snake. Learn how good architecture can make life in the city healthier and more fun for everyone.

Fun City
How can we have even more fun together in the city? See some of the best examples on architecture made for play and togetherness. Use your own body when you climb a miniature version of KU.BE or turn the world upside down in a tilted house. You can also build the coolest city with your friends in Minecraft.

Small in a big city
The city can seem huge when you are small. See how Danish studio Cobe have designed a kindergarten in child-scale with 11 small houses that creates a small village within the city. And feel what scale really means when you play with micro and macro furniture.