Brno’s Style

99 Dizengoff st., Tel Aviv 64396 Map
So–Do 10–19.30, Fr 10–14.30, Sa 12–19.30

Rationalism, Purism, Constructivism and Functionalism are aspects of Modernism during the 1920s in architecture. Brno, aside from Prague and Zlin became an architectural laboratory whose impact exceeded Czechoslovak borders and the Brno-built Villa Tugendhat for example is today an UNESCO world heritage site for modern architecture.

The exhibition “Brno’s Style” consists of 25 different projects and current trends in Brno’s architecture through the contemporary work of Brno born architect Jiri Gero. It presents detached houses, apartment buildings, industrial factories, sport facilities, mixed-use buildings, school grounds and renovations. Gero creates a timeless architectural work in continuation of Brno’s modernist heritage.