Welcome Home

Bryghuspladsen 10, 01473 Kopenhagen Map
Mo–So 10–18 Uhr, Do 10–21 Uhr

Architects design houses. People create homes. With Welcome Home, the Danish Architecture Center puts the future of Danish housing on the agenda. DAC raises the question of why we live as we do? And invites visitors to explore and participate in the answer to how we will live in the future. What is the dream? What is the reality? What is a good home? A good residential area? A good city?

’Welcome Home’ is a journey through Danish homes. The exhibition shows the major historical events that have shaped the way we live – from industrialization and world wars to megacities and threatening climate crises. It examines how current challenges, such as demographics and evolving family structures, affect our homes today. And through an array of artistic and technological proposals, it explores how we will all live and build in the future.