Case Design

The Craft of Collaboration
Desguinlei 25, Antwerpen B-2018 Map
Mo–Fr 10–19 Uhr, Sat 16–19 Uhr

The exhibition The Craft of Collaboration marks six years of practice for the Indian architectural firm Case Design. It is constructed around objects, drawings, models, mock-ups, samples, photos and stories that the architects collected during the construction process of the Avasara Academy, a residential school for young women in Pune, India. The exhibition was first shown at the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2018. In the meantime it has been augmented with new artefacts from an interior project in Mumbai; a water shelter and a boutique eco-resort in Zanzibar; a farm in in Kamshet (India); and furniture, lamps and objects from the Casegoods product family.

The Craft of Collaboration tells the story of collective involvement, an interactive process and the efforts made by Case Design to produce work that is simple, beautiful and functional. The architects believe that regardless of the method or medium, the greatest form of sustainability lies in creating work of lasting value. Case Design brings together a diverse group of builders, designers, farmers, artists, crafts people and engineers who are convinced that collaboration and empathy lie at the heart of every good project. As a result, they build on places that offer space for hospitality, social interaction, reflection, play, ritual, seclusion, performances and comfort.