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Architecture of Storage

Mar 24–May 18, 2018
Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3, Le Freeport Luxembourg, 2014 © Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3

Architecture of Storage focuses on the storage, archive systems that increasingly occupy a central role in our contemporary world, yet remain at the periphery of our daily perception. Free ports, data centers, self-storage facilities and museum archives are part of an constantly growing functional architectural landscape that is inseparable from the shelved and the reason for shelving: from housing crisis induced downsizing to stowing high-value personal assets away from taxation.

With contributions by Aaron Flint Jamison, Alice Creischer, Atelier d’Architecture 3bm3, Hollwich Kushner & Liam Gillick, John Kelsey, Gili Tal, Martti Kalliala, MyPlace and Studio Christian Wassmann, among others.

The exhibition is curated by Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, processed by Noah Barker.