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Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM Frankfurt/Main

DAM Preis 2020
The best 26 buildings in \ from Germany

Feb 1–Sep 20, 2020
© DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum

The presentation highlights 23 current buildings from Germany and three remarkable projects by German architecture firms outside the country. The exhibition offers an opportunity to discover buildings in rural areas as well as in conurbations. A good 15 of the edifices are residential buildings – converted office blocks, high-density apartment blocks, examples of efficient and low-cost buildings, along with detached houses featuring fine details or unconventional designs. On show are both a farmstead and urban office buildings, a retail building, and two striking entrance buildings into museum ensembles.
The jury nominated five of the buildings as finalists for the DAM Preis 2020, then inspected the buildings themselves and ultimately chose the winning project. This project will be presented in the centre of the exhibition. Parallel to the exhibition opening, DOM publishers, Berlin, will bring out the German Architecture Annual 2020.