Architecture Exhibitions International

Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum Tallinn

Le Corbusier & Alvar Aalto.
Reflections – photographs by Jari Jetsonen

Jan 18–Mar 15, 2020
© Jari Jetsonen

Museum presents the works of two giants of 20th-century architecture, Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto, as seen through the lens of Jari Jetsonen. Jetsonen is a recognised Finnish photographer, who has been photographing Alvar Aalto’s architecture for over 20 years. As a dedicated photographer of architecture he became fascinated by the points of contact and similarities in the forms and ideas in both the buildings and thinking of the two seemingly oppositional architects. What becomes important here is the point of view of the artist and the way he sees buildings. Referring to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s idea that architecture is like frozen music, Jetsonen explains: “I have tried to interpret this frozen music by approaching buildings in different ways. Sometimes the architecture peeks in the middle of nature as if it was a wild animal in the jungle or I would take a picture of the deer descending to the edge of the pond. Occasionally, architecture can be described orderly or monumentally or approached heroically from below.”