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Architecture aims to take stock, understand the overlaps, force overlaps and begin to find our insides, outsides, and fringes of our newly defined discipline. Architecture looks not to answer questions but to discover the potentiality of understanding all the tools at hand and the various methods and means of its ideologies.

architecture, architectural & Architecture is a collection.

Each contribution is a set of texts, images, and objects.

Each contribution calling forward a stance.

Each stance represents each participant.

Each participant providing an agitation to the whole.

Each agitation producing only a greater whole.

Each whole revealing a possible new position.

Each position attempting to provoke a conversation.

Each conversation a possible polemic.

Each polemic an opportunity for creative exploration.


Anthony Morey is a Los Angeles-based designer, writer, theorist and curator. Currently he is the Assistant Director at A+D Museum along with being a discussion moderator at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a Columnist at Archinect and an instructor at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. His work and research is invested in the tensions between text, psychology and image and their relationship to Architecture and Art.

Anthony is a Co-Founder and Chief Curator of A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture (ONS-LA), an ongoing curation experiment in cultural representation along with it’s journal, Morning After. He is also a co-founder and editor in chief, of MASKS the Journal, a publication founded while at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design that particularly focuses on the rifts between the subconscious and conscious tensions in the creative arts and the various tangencies within them. Anthony obtained his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) with Distinction, and his Masters in History and Philosophy of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Ryan Tyler Martinez is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, architectural designer and curator. He is the founding principal at studio®™ Ryan Tyler Martinez and the Co-Founder and Chief Curator of A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture. He received a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and a dual bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Before founding studio®™, Martinez worked for Gehry Partners, LLP in Los Angeles, California and as a filmmaker for the Harvard Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has been published in Architectural Record, LOG and Routledge Publications. He has been appointed teaching positions at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and currently serves as a faculty member at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles.

A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture (One-Night Stand LA) is a non-profit event and publication project by a group of emerging architects and artists exploring different forms of media, but also new possibilities for strategies of subversion.