May 31–Jul 4, 2024

Greetings from South Tyrol

Contemporary architecture and art from South Tyrol travel
Bei den Mühren 70, 20457 Hamburg
Wed 1–6 pm, Thu 1–8 pm, Fri 1–6 pm

“Greetings from South Tyrol” is the title of the exhibition. The saying, which is nostalgically reminiscent of the postcard idyll of steep mountain peaks against a sky-blue background, lush meadows, grazing cows and pointed church towers, aims to break up these images frozen in our minds and consciously address the interfaces between tradition and innovation. The focus is on the rethinking and sensitization that was initiated in the last decade and is currently noticeable in dealing with the Alpine region from the perspective of contemporary architecture and art.

Six leading architectural firms in the region package their construction projects together with their creative vision of South Tyrol's landscape and culture in an object they designed that is reminiscent of a suitcase. Each office is accompanied by an artist in order to blur the boundaries between architecture and art. The interaction in the form of art in buildings or integrative art projects opens up new perspectives on South Tyrol. The filled suitcases contain more than plans and photos of completed buildings - they convey a contemporary aesthetic that questions and renegotiates quality, innovation and mindfulness in dealing with people and nature. The six suitcases, which are the same in shape and size, then travel as transport containers and manifestations of South Tyrolean architectural and art projects.

Greetings from South Tyrol is a reflection on the responsibility that comes with travel, tourism, transit and the ecological and economic challenges. An additional empty suitcase accompanies the journey and is filled with memories, impressions and souvenirs during the various stops. This exhibition tells the story of a journey that is more than just a physical movement from one place to another - it is a journey of encounters, exchanges and inspiration. With every trip you take a piece of the place you visit with you in some way and leave a piece of yourself behind. Every trip is different, each one tells its own story, and yet all trips are based on the same flow of departure, stay and return journey. Parallels can be drawn here with the creation of buildings. The departure is comparable to an initial contact and planning.

This phase arouses curiosity and creates expectations. The actual stay corresponds to the construction phase, where bonds and affiliations are built and boundaries are explored. Traveling back is to be equated with arriving, with the completion of one's own project and the power that drives wanderlust, the desire for new journeys, new challenges.

Opening on Thursday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m.