Oct 1, 2021–Feb 6, 2022


New roots for underground urbanism
Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam 1011 VX Map
Tue–Sat 1–5 pm

With the exhibition Subterra we investigate the opportunities of underground construction and living in Amsterdam. Subterra deepens your knowledge of the use of the subsurface over the centuries and of future visions of housing shortage, biodiversity and the climate.

We are spending more and more time underground. After infrastructure such as tunnels, parking garages and public transport, it is precisely cultural facilities, such as museums, that go underground.

For example, the underground is becoming busier and the interests are increasing. In the Subterra exhibition we show how our subsurface has been used over the centuries. What living and recreation without (direct) daylight could look like in the future. We address questions such as: who owns the land? How do we take better care of nature? Can we grow subterranean vegetables in Amsterdam? Or what are other functions for the unused spaces beneath the city? And are architects still needed if we no longer need facades?

With numerous (inter)national examples, this exhibition offers inspiration for the residents of Amsterdam, designers and policymakers. After all, below ground level there are not only solutions for the compact city or the housing shortage, but also for the protection of biodiversity and against climate stress.