May 9–May 15, 2022

Reale Räume

Architekturwoche Basel 2022
Austrasse 24, 04051 Basel Map

The AWB opens up contemporary architecture to a broader public while at the same time promoting dialogue among experts and protagonists in the field. Artistic director Chrissie Muhr defined the title “Reale Räume” (Real Spaces) for AWB 2022 to address the built and unbuilt environment and its associated contemporary issues.

From 9–15 May 2022, a new platform for architecture and urban development will be held for the first time: the Architekturwoche Basel (AWB), which is to be repeated every two years in future. Initiated by the Architektur Dialoge Foundation and organized under artistic director Chrissie Muhr, the inaugural edition of AWB 2022 addresses the theme of “Reale Räume” (Real Spaces) – examining how globalization, digitalization, migration, climate change and the pandemic affect the urban spaces around us. Featuring over 100 lectures, guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, films, concerts and performances, the programme is aimed at a broad public. The events will take place in Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and neighbouring regions of France and Germany.

This year’s focus is on the “Real Spaces” of three current development sites in Basel: Dreispitz /Münchenstein), Bachgraben (Allschwil) and Klybeck. The AWB is using various formats to promote dialogue between experts and local protagonists. The Forum offers the opportunity to discover these areas and exchange views on the urban transformation process with the various stakeholders. The AWB Award promotes visionary uses of public space in order to open new perspectives on the city.

The first Basel Pavilion made of reused building components will be presented on the Dreispitz site as part of the AWB: a temporary open venue whose architecture demonstrates new possibilities for climate-friendly construction and the circular economy. All the key components consist of reclaimed materials from regional deconstructions. The design of the “Loggia Basileana” emerged from an international competition won by the young Spanish architectural firm isla. The Christoph Merian Foundation is supporting the project and providing the building site for the Basel Pavilion. (Further information on the pavilion can be found here.)

For the Open Office event, numerous architecture, engineering and planning offices in the city and surrounding region will open their doors to the public.The AWB programme is complemented with events organized by local partners. All interested offices, institutions and companies are invited to confirm their participation mid-February. The full programme calendar will be announced in March.

The Open House Basel event will also be taking place during Architekturwoche Basel on 14/15 May 2022.