Sep 15–Oct 21, 2023

Riegler Riewe

Don’t Swipe, Zoom In
Karl-Marx-Allee 96, 10243 Berlin
Tue–Fri 2–7 pm, Sat 12 am–6 pm

In a time of unpredictable social changes, simplistic and short-sighted views often take hold, offering seemingly quick and easy solutions. With their exhibition, Riegler Riewe Architects encourage us to pause and examine things more closely, challenging the trend of hasty, superficial observations promoted by media overkill. Only through careful inspection can we discern the complexity behind ostensibly mundane projects – their spatial, structural and technical innovations – and recognize and evaluate the solutions that emerge from them.

The exhibition concept designed to achieve this goal blurs the lines between spatial installation and an informa-tive reappraisal of the themes of interference, sequence, and joining. Large visual structures derived from design motifs at the recently completed university campus for the Medical University of Graz provide a formal and the-matic framework, drawing connections between related projects and ideas and highlighting their role in current architectural discourse.

Riegler Riewe Architects work on infrastructure, health, administration, and cultural projects, as well as residential buildings and neighborhood development concepts. Notable buildings include the Information Technology Insti-tutes of the Technical University in Graz (2000), Innsbruck Main Railway Station (2005), Silesian Museum in Ka-towice (2016), Böhringer Ingelheim laboratory building in Biberbach (2009), Medical University of Graz (2022), and König Galerie in Berlin (2016, with Brandlhuber+, Emde, Burlon).

Opening: 14 September 2023, 7 pm
Welcome: Ulrich Müller (Architektur Galerie Berlin)
Introduction: Almut Grüntuch-Ernst (Grüntuch Ernst Architekten)

Talk: 19 October 2023, 7 pm
Helga Blocksdorf (HB/A)
Kaye Geipel (Architekturjournalist)
Roger Riewe (Riegler Riewe)