Recordings of Spaces and Rooms

Pia Linz, Matthias Beckmann, Anna Ingerfurth, Christian Pilz, T. Shanaathanan und Forensic Architecture

Lockdowns, working from home and homeschooling have limited people’s spatial radius over the past few years and have changed not only how we use places and spaces, but also how we perceive them. The exhibition presents artistic positions, various ways of capturing, imagining and representing rooms, houses, courtyards and squares.

When artists deal with places and spaces, they do so with the intention of organizing the respective environment, locating and orienting themselves in the world, tracking down changes, reconstructing the past, making the invisible visible
or analyze events. Pia Linz with her three-dimensional case engraving or Matthias Beckmann in his series of drawings and publications deal with specific studios, museums or districts. Anna Ingerfurth and Christian Pilz design fictional spaces that plumb the abyss or, with a pinch of humour, place people in absurd spatial constellations.
Artistic examination of places and spaces can also be a critical reflection of concrete political events, reconstruction, processing, accusation. The Sri Lankan artist T. Shanaathanan documents and comments on the memories of displaced or refugee Tamils ​​of their former homes in an artist's book; Forensic Architecture reconstructs the racist act of terrorism in 2020 in the Arena Bar in Hanau

As different as the approaches and the media of the artists involved and their respective implementation are: they open up a spectrum of possibilities to deal with places and spaces as well as with the relationship between people and space, to capture emotional-sensual dimensions and to make them visible, that lie beyond the physical-material of architectural spaces.