Oct 20–Dec 10, 2023

Architecture November 2023

The Architecture Festival
Friedrichstrasse 5, 70174 Stuttgart
Tue–Fri 10 am–1 pm + 3–6 pm

Design spaces of the future

''Architects and urban planners work creatively and creatively. Good design becomes a sensually perceptible expression of the new sense of responsibility that the buildings visibly represent. We can strengthen future belief in sustainable development by showing that new living environments are created through creative refraining and reduction. A conceptual rethinking of what already exists in our cities and regions then becomes an important part of the social narrative that does not moralize, but rather emphasizes the benefits of the ecological transition. To do this, we have to take advantage of the opportunities in new fields of activity and face more complex processes.'' (Quote Haus der Erde BDA)

Societies and individuals need space to develop. In architecture, the usual response to necessary change has been demolition and new construction. Sometimes a beneficial liberation, we can no longer afford this practice to such an extent. The question is increasingly arising as to what our scope for action will look like in the future: Will it be narrowed or will new fields emerge? What opportunities are there in dealing with finished but unused spaces? Paradigms have also shifted in new construction. Dealing with what already exists, the search for bio-based materials or the development of circular constructions inspire ideas and debates. Not everything will prove to be sustainable, but we are living in an exciting time of change. Celebrating this instead of mourning it is more fun than complaining. That's why, with Architecture November, we're looking for the design spaces of the future.

What is Architecture November?

This year, the nationwide festival Architekturnovember, initiated by the BDA Baden-Württemberg, is taking place for the eighth time, a format for architectural discourse and communication. Architecture is public and the design of our living spaces is relevant. We want to appeal to the public all the more. In alliance with universities, architecture galleries, clubs, regional BDA groups and informal initiatives, a dense program is being created that appeals to everyone to engage with the city, space and the built environment. The formats range from vernissages, lectures, discussions, campaigns to online events and book presentations. The idea of exchange and networking is central, whether in Lörrach, Tübingen, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe or Biberach: there is building culture everywhere! We look forward to numerous opportunities to meet.

Building stock: burden or pleasure?

There is consensus about the preservation of historic old town buildings. But how do we deal with apartments from the reconstruction period whose substance does not meet the requirements of current building regulations, with administrative buildings from the 1970s that are contaminated with pollutants and poorly insulated, or with empty shop spaces that no longer seem profitable? In practice, discarded buildings are often demolished and replaced with new buildings, although conversion and further use could make a major contribution to sustainability. The construction industry accounts for 55% of all German waste. 8% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the production and disposal of building materials. The numbers make it clear that a new way of dealing with buildings that are perceived as ugly should be found. We are looking for new spaces for action in the Schwabenbräu-Passage, which is now available for creative and social initiatives but is scheduled to be demolished. We are looking forward to Sascha Bauer, Studio Crossscale, Stuttgart, MDgt. Prof. Kai Fischer, Department of Property and Building Construction, Ministry of Finance and Prof Axel Humbert, BHSF Architects, Zurich and lecturer at the Institute of Architecture at the FHNW, Basel. Afterwards, the award ceremony for the Hugo Häring Award 2023 BDA Stuttgart - Mittlerer Neckar will take place, followed by a party in the Sunny High club.

Who is organizing?

This year's Architecture November is supported by long-standing partners as well as new associations and intuitions. We particularly welcome WECHSELZEIT, the initiative of young architects who are presenting a new event format in the Wechselraum. Also involved are the Heilbronn Architecture Talks, the Tübingen Architecture Today series, the Waldhut Architecture Apéro, the Baden-Baden Architecture Dialogue, the Architecture Forum Freiburg and the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll with the impulses for IBA'27. In Biberach, the HBC University of Applied Sciences and the Biberach Museum are taking part. In Karlsruhe, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, the Karlsruhe Architecture Showcase and the BDA contribute with numerous program items. The November series of the university, the Punkt 7 series of the University of Technology as well as other lectures and events from the Architekturgalerie am Weißenhof, the Raumgalerie, the Chair of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Stuttgart, and the Association of German Architects BDA will take place again in Stuttgart . In addition, the award ceremonies of the Hugo Häring Award 2023 and other lectures and exhibitions will take place in many BDA district groups.