Sep 4, 2020–Feb 28, 2021

“Welcome home, Åke!”

Swedish design legend shows home and work in new exhibition in Denmark
Kløvermarksvej 70, 02300 Kopenhagen Map
Wed–Fri 12 am–6 pm Sat–Sun 10 am–2 pm

At 88 years of age, the Swedish furniture and interior designer Åke Axelsson is still going strong. In a career spanning more than 60 years he has developed a wide range of interiors and furniture.
If you go round Stockholm with Åke, visiting some of the interiors he has created – museums, libraries, cafés, restaurants – you willl be met by warm welcomes as well as new requests: ‘Åke, when you have time, could you take a look at this corner and this entrance area; could we make it work differently?’ And so, Åke gets to work. Always seeking to simplify and improve, always focused on function and creating solutions that work.

With this exhibition we invite you into Åke’s house in Engarn near Vaxholm in the Stockholm archipelago. The house contains both his home and studio, including his archive, prototypes, full-scale furniture pieces, furniture models, drawings and more. A laboratory for furniture design, accumulated and developed over a lifetime.
At the exhibition you can step into Åke’s greenhouse and see the sheep grazing in the meadow, and you can catch a glimpse of his workshop if you look out the window.
Åke Axelsson’s work is as relevant as ever. His long career is shaped throughout by his clarity of vision, emphasis on quality and insistence on using resources responsibly. These core attributes are reflected in the focus on function, form and craftsmanship that characterizes his designs and the production of his excellent furniture, which is made to last for generations.