Jul 1, 2023–Apr 30, 2024

Christian Kerez

A space anthology
Place Georges-Pompidou, 75191 Paris
Wed–Mon 11 am–9 pm

After studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Christian Kerez (born in 1962) devoted himself to architectural photography and opened his own agency in 1993. He developed a practice marked by great conceptual rigor, which re-examines the place fundamental elements of architecture, such as the wall, the roof or the pillars.

Rather than a formal unity, his different projects share a common method of investigation. Kerez reinvents the way to deal with structural principles. “I put in place rules to avoid designing a building based on purely aesthetic qualities. The rules help to find architectural meaning, beyond construction standards,” he explains. Starting from a simple idea, he lets all the constructive issues of the work derive from his initial postulate. The result is buildings that strike a balance between clarity of structure and originality of form.

Level 4, hall 28