Sep 6–Oct 1, 2022

Bibliography 3

An exhibition by
Via Alessandro Tadino 30, Mailand 20124 Map
Tue-Sat 3-8 pm

We have been publishing books since before having a building, and we have always thought of as a way to fuel, develop, and consolidate our research, and to articulate our ideas on those problematics that we feel are urgent for architecture to address. From September 6 to October 1, COMMERCE hosts a display of our publications as tools in the institution’s curatorial work. The display is organized around methodological questions underlying the publication process and the themes that they address, and includes photographs of six groupings of objects at the CCA that remap the multiple sources, formats, and outputs of this thematic research:

–What role can film have as a curatorial tool? How do we think through it?
–Should we privilege cure or care?
–What happens when ideas migrate?
–What does technology do for us?
–What is the environment? What comes after?
–How do we learn? How do we teach?

This exhibition is the third chapter in a new COMMERCE series, titled BIBLIOGRAPHY, that showcases the work of artists, designers, photographers, researchers, writers and institutions through the presentation of their editorial projects to date.

Our books provide material for long-term reference, and sometimes complement our exhibitions. We bring together print, electronic, and online publishing as interrelated components of our overall efforts to catalyze dialogue in contemporary debates on architecture. We typically produce our books with specialized independent publishers and sometimes in partnership with other cultural or academic organizations around the world. We also self-publish. You can find our books through our co-publishers or at the CCA bookstore.

In addition to working in print, we publish across multiple digital formats, which include e-publications and audio and film documentaries. We publish in English and French, and we are increasingly publishing in other languages—including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese. A full history of our publishing activity is located in our publications timeline.

Not only a guide to our current and past activities, our website is also a publication project through which our thinking is developed and made accessible worldwide. Both a platform for contemporary discourse and an engine for research on architecture and the built environment, it addresses overlooked themes from different perspectives, opens new lines of inquiry, and gives visibility to new actors and perspectives.