Apr 21–Sep 26, 2021

Understanding the impact of architecture

Bryghuspladsen 10, 01473 Kopenhagen Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Thu 10 am–9 pm

In the graphic series ‘Understanding the Impact of Architecture’ Kørner zooms in on architecture’s affect and impact on society.

Today over half of the world’s population lives in cities. With urbanization, colossal new buildings arise. But how does this architecture – made of materials such as glass and concrete – affect us as human beings? What role does scale play in how we perceive buildings? Can architecture become too dominant? And what relationship do we have with nature? Kørner does not offer any easy solutions, but instead presents the problems and leaves it up to the viewer to reflect upon.

Kørner is most well-known for his colorful powerful paintings, but his graphic work is just as significant. Understanding the Impact of Architecture (2014 – 2020) is framed in handmade frames designed by the artist especially for this series.