Experience in Action

”DesignBuilding” in architecture
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, 10179 Berlin Map
Wed–Sun 2–7 pm

After the Architekturmuseum der TU München and the AIT Salon in Hamburg, the DAZ presents the largest and most comprehensive exhibition to date on the subject of “DesignBuild” – a teaching method offered at numerous architecture schools around the world in which students plan, design and implement concrete projects on a 1:1 basis.

Mostly in developing countries, but also in underserved contexts in their own countries, students practice architectural craftsmanship, deal with social issues and also work independently. Selected international and national projects will be presented, as well as a discursive discussion of the teaching method.

DesignBuild has a long tradition, but in recent years it has become an increasingly popular concept at many universities. The exhibition therefore serves to inform a broad public about the social impact and sustainable importance of this teaching method.