Dec 3, 2020–Jun 27, 2021

The land issue

climate, economy, common good
Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6, 10179 Berlin Map
Wed–Sun 2–7 pm

We are living on our ground and with our ground. It feeds us, cools the earth`s atmosphere and we need it for housing, for leisure and for work. Since conservative investments lost their economical appeal, our land became an international and highly requested asset. Rising rents is one of the main symptoms. Our social market economy, our community and our success in dealing with climate change are therefore at stake. So, free access to land must be renegotiated.

The exhibition The land issue is a project of the University of Kassel and curated by Stefan Rettich, Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer and Sabine Tastel. It presents aspects of the land issue in terms of climate, economy and the common good. References are made and very concrete possible solutions are shown.

Curator: Stefan Rettich
Co-curator*inside: Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer, Sabine Tastel

Graphics / Scenography: Anna Kraus, Thomas Rustemeyer
Editors: Christian Holl, Stefan Rettich, Sabine Tastel

Take a look to “The land issue” – with this digital tour (in German) of the exhibition: