Nov 15, 2023–Mar 17, 2024

Urban Nature

Desguinlei 25, 02018 Antwerpen Map

In the exhibition Urban Nature, design offices 1010, Fallow and Grue focus on the past, present and future of nature in architectural production. They show how Léon Stynen and Paul De Meyer, the architects of De Singel, looked at the building in relation to the landscape. How does nature conquer its place in and around the building today? What relationships between artificial and natural life can we expect in the future?

1010, Fallow and Grue are each in their own way interested in creating a new alliance with nature, the 'living matter' of our cities. In their daily practices, they see insufficient ambition among public clients to design and build in a nature-inclusive way. They rarely start from the perspective that it is only humans who define the ecosystem. The architects want to give the subject more visibility with their project in De Singel. Poetic observations and conversations with all types of site users form the basis. To carry out their research, 1010, Fallow and Grue join forces with all various professionals, including botanists, artists, garden maintainers.

Opening: 14.11.2023, 8 p.m.
Speakers: Nathanaëlle Baës-Cantillon (Grue), Nadia Casabella en Bert Gellynck (1010) and Carmen Van Maercke (Fallow)

Lecture on socio-ecological approaches to urbanism: 14.11.2023, 8.20 p.m.
Speaker: Bruno Notteboom (KU Leuven)