Table Setting

#1 Generiek
Desguinlei 25, 02018 Antwerpen Map
Wed–Sun 2-6 pm

The young Belgian-Chinese architecture office Generiek kicks-off the first edition of Table Setting. With this new exhibition series the Flanders Architecture Institute enables young architects to share their ideas on public space. The square in front of De Singel is their playground, a series of tables are the framework of a constantly changing play. In Table Setting #1 Generiek explores the relationship between greenery and domesticity. The result is a green installation, in collaboration with textile designer Sofie Van Aelbroeck.

"As architects we strive to design and use greenery in a more collective manner. We hope the visitors will appropriate the green space we’ve created on the square of De Singel"
‐ Lando De Keyzer, architect (Generiek)