Militärhistorisches Museum Berlin

Am Flugplatz Gatow 33, 14089 Berlin Map
Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm

The museum at Berlin-Gatow Airfield (formerly the Air Force Museum) is a branch of the Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden. While a general cultural history of violence is told there, the Berlin museum concentrates on air warfare as the most recent manifestation of military violence. In this context, the history of technology is understood as part of cultural history and the focus is on man in his various roles.

At the historical site, knowledge and stories from over 120 years of military aviation and air warfare are brought to life - told from multiple perspectives, critically and with many personal references. This also includes the history of the airfield, which is now a listed building, from the National Socialist air war school to the Cold War period and the stationing of the Royal Air Force. Gatow Airfield is closely associated with the Berlin Airlift.

Since 1994, the site has been available to the museum for one of the world's largest, cross-block collections of Cold War-era air warfare assets. A comprehensive renovation and redesign of the museum is planned for the coming years.