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Through a selection of 10 private houses, from the 1970s to the present day, Légendes is building a genealogy of what drives architecture in France today. The narrative of French architecture since the post-war period has focused on major public commission projects, urban, relayed in the press and discussed by critics. We are looking for another story.

The Légendes exhibition is the first restitution of the investigations carried out. It announces the end of documentary work, field research and inaugurates the writing of the eponymous work. It is conceived as the presentation of these 10 projects of particular houses and the day-to-day restitution of the writing of these stories that we make of them. At the end of the exhibition, the collection of these Légendes will be published.

10 private houses:
- Jacques Hondelatte, Maison Artiguebieille , 1972
- Alain Capeillères, Piscine Le Brusc , 1972
- Barto + Barto, Maison Chézine , 1975
- Patrice Mottini, Solar house , 1980
- Francoise-Hélène Jourda and Gilles Perraudin , Maison greenhouse , 1983
- Frédéric Druot and Jean Charles Zébo for Épinard Bleu, Maison Navarro , 1987
- Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal, Economic dwelling house, 1992
- François Roche, Maison Barak , 2001
- Architecture Action, Maison Becleu, 2008
- Éric Lapierre, House for a collector, 2012