Occitanie Architecture Prize 2021

1 rue Renée Aspe, 31000 Toulouse Map
Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm

The Prix Architecture Occitanie is offered every two years by the Maison de l'Architecture Occitanie-Pyrénées in collaboration with the Maison de l'Architecture Occitanie-Méditerranée and the support of the Regional Council of the Order of Architects, with the aim of promoting and to reward quality contemporary architectural creation in the Occitanie region.

This year, for the 11th edition, the Maison de l'Architecture Occitanie-Pyrénées is celebrating, with the help of the community of architects and contracting authorities, the 20th year of existence of the Regional Awards. Every two years, this award highlights the quality of contemporary architectural production in the region. This award is an opportunity to talk about architecture. Beyond the observable results, it emphasizes the production processes that distinguish exemplary achievements. Among these qualities, the previous juries have selected ambitious programs, they have identified the open dialogue between owners and contractors, they have distinguished the requirement of the architects.

Architecture is ecological, social, political, climatic, conscious, committed, local, supportive, sustainable, transitory, technical, magnificent. Because it has all these facets, it allows us to exchange, to learn, and why not, to be moved. Architecture builds the future that surrounds us. This is why we want to make these prizes everyone's business, so that we can talk together about the contemporary challenges related to the production of space, the identification of its potential, the recognition of its achievements.