Constructive Alps 2017

Grad Fužine, Pot na Fužine 2, 01000 Ljubljana Map
Mon–Sun 8 am–6 pm

The exhibition of sustainable renovation and new building in the Alps will presents 30 architectural projects, which were included in the short list within the international Architecture Award Constructive Alps 2017. The international jury announced the results in the Alps Museum in Bern last October: four main prizes and seven commendations. The short list include: primary school, supermarket, dairy, community, social and cultural center, town hall, hut, court, gallery at the football playground, conversion of the provostry and a mountain farm, funeral chapel, atelier, bathhouse and bistro, theatre, funicular, barn, apartment building, village residence, village house, agricultural center, winery, refuge.

The prize is awarded by the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation, with a support of all contracting parties of the Alpine Convention . The award competition is tangible contribution in implementation of the Alpine Convention and its Action plan for climate in the Alps, which sets a vision for the Alpine region to become a good example in the field of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, which concerns also buildings.

The share of energy used in the private households is the same as it is used in transport sector in the Alpine area. Energy from fossil fuels is used for heating and cooling. The greatest consumers are old and poorly insolated buildings. The key to efficient protection of the climate and better life of inhabitants and tourists lay therefore in the renovation and, if necessary, in new construction based on environmental friendly material of local origin. In doing so, the demands for energy efficiency should be embedded in a functional renovation of buildings, carefully adapting  the new role of buildings to spatial context.

The Award has been given for the first time in the time of Slovenian presidency of the Alpine Convention in 2011. At the second award competition (2013), project Rinka Center,  Solčava, Slovenia, won the third prize, while at the third award competition (2015), two Slovenian projects entered the short list of projects: Punkl Hostel at Ravne na Koroškem and renovation of farm stud at Planina Laška Seč above Tolmin, which received a commendation. In this, fourth award two Slovenian projects were included in the short list, namely  the Winter room at Kanin and the renovation of farm Vrlovčnik in Solčava.

The exhibition will be presented also at Bled, in Tolmin, Slovenj Gradec, Dravograd, Nova Gorica, Idrija, Solčava, Bohinj, Celje, Hoče-Slivnica.