Nov 19, 2021–Apr 18, 2022

Built for Everyone

Curt Kühne and Julius Schulte: Planning a socially inclusive Linz (1909 – 38)
Dametzstraße 23, 04020 Linz Map
Tue – Sun 10 – 6 pm Thu 10 – 8 pm

In the first third of the twentieth century Linz was undergoing a thorough transformation. The architectural demands of a rapidly growing city and its adaptation to progress and modern times had to be dealt with.

Curt Kühne (1882 – 1963) and Julius Schulte (1881 – 1928) were two outstanding planners devoted to this task. Kühne in his capacity of Head of Urban Planning and Schulte as his assistant were concerned with the creation of a socially oriented city rather than the realisation of any radically modern style.

The public buildings, schools, blocks of flats, industrial buildings and private houses they designed are remarkable for their individual quality and architecturally relevant for Linz to this day. The problems and questions they sought to address have lost none of their topicality even today.

The exhibition uses blueprints, historical and topical photographs and contemporary documents to illustrate the activities of the two architexts and their consequences.