Oct 5–Nov 7, 2021

Future Scenarios

Post-Containment Facade Devices
21, bld Morland, 75004 Paris Map
Tue–Sat 10:30 am–6:30 pm, Sun 11 am–7 pm

Tenor singing opera at his window, applause at 8 p.m., DJ for a balcony-concert, gymnastics classes, games between neighbors or even a simple nap in the sun, the window embodied during confinement a figure of individual escape and collective belonging. Having become the object of increasingly shared functional diversion, it was the sign of an interaction with the environment going beyond its initial function as a source of light and ventilation.

Winner of FAIRE 2020, the Future Scenarios project, led by architects Cyrus Ardalan, Ophélie Dozat and Lucien Dumas, questions the use of our windows of tomorrow through sixty devices, and was the subject of a workshop with students in the third year of the National School of Architecture of Versailles.

How to appropriate a framework already drawn? What are the ways to invest an additional square meter? What program to add to your apartment? The window as a project makes it possible to imagine new lifestyles and becomes the constructive tool for living in the city differently, during and after the pandemic. Claiming private housing and living together, constructing / deconstructing our way of thinking about space, transforming the experience of confinement into architectural potential are all prerogatives raised lightly by this exhibition which revolves around primary uses: rest, eat, communicate, have fun, work, let off steam.

This prospective research questions the act of building in a codified environment, the facade of which is both the skin and the stake. If it is based on three different types of Parisian housing, Haussmannian buildings, housing in the suburbs and new towers, it is freed from urban regulations to reveal the new neighborhood interactions born during the epidemic, design rehabilitation tools and improvement of the existing, and offer everyone freely an additional meter to program.