Mar 16–Mar 30, 2023

Typical Lucerne?

Exhibition and lectures on contemporary architecture in and around Lucerne
Lidostrasse 5, Luzern CH6006 Map
Sommerzeit Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Winterzeit Mon–Sun 10 am–5 pm

Do you restrict “typical Lucerne?” to the city center, it can be stated that between 1845 and 1960 a typical historicist resp. modern expansion of the medieval city center, a true architectural import, which has formed the necessary context for the exceptional Lucerne buildings, which have been supplemented to this day.

In contrast to Thun or Interlaken, this context has an extraordinarily high density, almost a metropolitan character and thus provides a unique and successful combination of tourism and everyday life. "Typical Lucerne?" opens up a wide and complex field between everyday life, topography, tourism and import - far more than the question of uniqueness would ever achieve. One can be very excited about the exhibition in the architecture gallery.