Sep 13–Oct 9, 2022

Shape Sorter

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Tue+Fri-Sun 11 am-5 pm, Wed 10 am-4 pm, Thu 12 am-7 pm

Leszek Zdek (1923-2018) started his professional career in Wrocław at a very difficult and at the same time exciting moment in the history of the city. The "village where trams run" - as it was said about Breslau destroyed by the war - required reconstruction and the creation of whole districts from scratch. One of the first facilities in which Leszek Zdek was involved in the construction, was built in the area of ​​the razed Grunwaldzki Square - it was the establishment of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Agriculture, the main designers of which were Krystyna and Marian Barscy. The young architect also collaborated with Tadeusz Brzoza, whose assistant he became in his second year of studies. Ambitious creators in the times of rationalization and prefabrication were looking for the uniqueness and quality of architecture and urban planning - Zdek was one of them, who designed the longest block in Wrocław - then called "Super Unit" - inspired by the famous Le Corbusier blocks. Leszek Zdek, working at the Design and Research Department of the Wrocław University of Technology, dealt with the design of numerous facilities for universities - from simple, temporary pavilions (D-9) to visionary urban projects, such as the student housing estate "Dolina Słoń".

Leszek Zdek's architectural career may be an inspiration for today's designers. It is worth noting that Leszek Zdek, despite the difficulties resulting from external factors, was looking for a space to implement his own ideas to improve architecture, to better adapt it to the needs of users and a bit of artistry.

The arrangement of the exhibition was inspired by a sculptural composition by Leszek Zdek, which decorated the canteen at Wybrzeże Wyspiański in Wrocław. The sculptures and their renovation contributed to this exhibition and its accompanying publication. The complete set of sculptures has been preserved thanks to the involvement of the Wrocław City Beautification Society (Piotr Szymański, Marek Karbon), the Transformator Art Promotion Foundation, the FORUM architekci office (Maciej Lose, Michał Goncerzewicz) and the architect Zbigniew Maćkow. In 2022, the sculptures were restored on the initiative and funds of OKRE Development. Currently, they decorate the facade of the building at ul. Kardynała Stefan Wyszyńskiego 56 and the adjacent square.

Organizers: OKRE Development and the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław