Nov 30, 2018–Apr 28, 2019

Ideal Standart

Speculations on Bauhaus today
Seestraße 22, 88045 Friedrichshafen Map
November–April Tue–Sun 10 am–5 pm Mai–Oktober Mon–Sun 9 am–5 pm

"IDEAL STANDARD. Speculations on Bauhaus today" understands Bauhaus as an unfinished, yet open project, as a motor for innovation: what is today Bauhaus? Five internationally renowned artists deal with vital questions of today's society and try to find suitable shapes for contemporary utopias.

The exhibition is conceived as a platform that involves the public in to an open discourse on "Bauhaus today": How does its iconic design influence contemporary sculpture and installation? How do artists today engage with imagined ways of future living, with mass production or modernism’s paternalistic historiography? How and to what degree have the(ir) prefixes changed? Are there analogies to be found in contemporary artists’ mindsets and operation modes, that link their practice to Bauhaus’ innovations? The exhibition brings together a heterogeneous group of artists, joining in on a discursive context that emerges from the Bauhaus.

The exhibition is being supported through generous loans and several newly produced works. As part of "IDEAL STANDARD. Speculations on Bauhaus today" Christopher Kulendran Thomas‘ „60 Million Americans can’t be wrong“ is being premiered in Germany.

Participating artists: Katarina Burin, Erika Hock, Christopher Kulendran Thomas (in collaboration with Annika Kuhlmann), Pakui Hardware, Andrea Zittel