Architecture Exhibitions International

FRAC Centre Orléans

The House for Doing Nothing
Aristide Antonas

Apr 27–Sep 16, 2018
The House for Doing Nothing © Frac Centre, 2018

The first monograph dedicated to the work of architect and philosopher Aristide Antonas in France, this exhibition unfolds over several chapters with the project The House for Doing Nothing as one of the many reference points for the visitors.Begun in 2008, the work was spawned after reading the ideas defended by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek in his book Violence: Six Sideways Reflections (2008). The author uses the book to encourage us to resist any form of engagement in the world and to withdraw ourselves as to establish a distance for critiquing. Aristide Antonas considers this form of "withdrawal" not as a heroic posture of resistance but as the foundation of our current relationship to the daily and the real.

The House For Doing Nothing draws on the narrative style and fiction from the protagonist’s living environment - hero or simple common man. In the era of hyperconnectivity, the domestic condition is experiencing a sort of paradox: "being at home" is also being connected to the world. The individual is no longer isolated from the public sphere. Contradictorily, it is this withdrawal that now structures the social sphere. The home has become an interface between the private and public spheres, revealing a deep crisis in the traditional notions of "self", "community" and "society".It is this new nature of the home - and therefore of Man - that Aristide Antonas looks to challenge in The House for doing nothing, by questioning the role, or political responsibility, for the domestic condition.