Architecture Exhibitions International

FREIRAUM in der Box Berlin

Bauhaus & Modernism in Tel Aviv and Berlin

May 28–Oct 26, 2019
© Jean Molitor

Berlin and Tel Aviv are also today symbols of cosmopolitan and growing cities.

The modern, progressive construction of the twenties and thirties in Berlin came to an abrupt end in 1933. The Berlin buildings in the exhibition recall the cosmopolitan 1920s and the emigration and flight of numerous Jewish architects. Bauhaus student Arieh Sharon and other avant-garde architects from Germany were instrumental in building the White City in Tel Aviv.

Never again has the longing for a lost time been so modernly expressed. With its 4000 modern buildings, the White City is unique.

The photographer Jean Molitor captures the buildings with a matter-of-fact view and from a slightly elevated position. In the black-and-white photographs, for example, the parallels in the development of architecture and the global connections of modernity become particularly visible.