Architecture Exhibitions International

Gare Saint Sauveur Lille

Uses of the world

Sep 9–Nov 8, 2020
Cyclone Shelter, Kuakata, Bangladesh. © Kashef Chowdhury / URBANA

Expanding the scope of the term ​“design” to the world as a whole, used as a verb to qualify human action on the environment, is a way of giving ourselves the means to act. The exhibition ​“Uses of the world” invites us to consider social, environmental, architectural or agricultural alternatives that have been chosen across every continent ; enlightening experiences that allow us to think about and inhabit the world differently.

For the exhibition ​“Uses of the world”, arc en rêve centre d’architecture presents a special sequence of photographs.
The photography agency VU’ in Paris has been invited to work with the curators on selecting photographs that relate to the subject of the exhibition: new ways of living in the world.
These photographs will be presented in the form of a special installation in the station, alongside the railway tracks. The photographer’s eye holds up a mirror to the immediate reality of the ways we live in the world. Without staging or scare-mongering, twelve photographers reveal, in the form of diptychs, particular ways of living in the world—of using and abusing it—in the Anthropocene.
The action we take is individual, collective and global. Explored or pushed back, its limits are natural, constructed, territorial and political. Different situations interrelate, complement one another, call out to one another, and collide. Our gaze shifts between them, making us aware of echoes and connections. There are no words: only the power of photography.